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Birth Doula Support

Its your body, your baby,
your choice.
Have a birth where you are in charge.

birth doula, birth photography


  • 1-2 prenatal appointments to:

    • build a trusting team

    • create birth preferences​

    • talk out any fears/concerns surrounding birth

    • prepare your body for labor

    • discuss postpartum plan and transitioning into the fourth trimester

  • On-call period 2 weeks prior to your EDD

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support

  • Continuous in-person support during your labor

    • TENS unit, position changes, aromatherapy, candles, etc. 

  • Birth photography

  • Immediate 1 hour postpartum care 

  • Designated backup doula if needed

  • One, 4th trimester visit in home

  • Referrals and resources around birth related needs

    • Lactation specialists, prenatal acupuncturists & chiropractors, pelvic floor therapists

     Investment: $2,400

As your doula, I will be by your side the entire way. I will listen to your wants, needs, concerns and together, we will fit your vision. I will provide continuous care and help you weigh decisions throughout your pregnancy journey. It's time to have a positive and empowering birth experience. 

It's never too early or too late to reach out. Please inquire to check availability! 

"I will never birth a child without Jenna! We used Jenna for birth classes, as well as doula services and she exceeded all expectations. She included my husband in the process and gave both of us the support we needed. I consider her part of our family now. She is truly a wonderful person inside and out and her energy and spirit is a must in any delivery room." 

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