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Birth Doula Support

Its your body, your baby,
your choice.
Have a birth where you are in charge.

birth doula, birth photography

Doula Package

This birth doula package offers comprehensive preparation for birth and postpartum care, including labor support.


Birth Preparation

- Trimester checklists


- Unlimited support via text or phone call


- Build a trusting team


- Create birth preferences


- Talk out any fears/concerns surrounding birth


- Preparing your body for labor


- Discuss postpartum plan and transitioning into the fourth trimester


The Birth

- On- call period 2 weeks prior to your EDD

-Continuous support for you and your family during your birth

-  Comfort measures, optimal birthing positions, aromatherapy, counter pressure, breathwork, visualization, advocacy 

- Birth photography

-  Backup doula provided if needed



- Immediate postpartum care in the golden hour

- 1 in home visit postpartum

- Birth process session

- Referrals and resources around the fourth trimester

Investment: $2,400

Let's connect!

Birth doula and labor support in Colorado
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