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 Birth Preparation Course 

This course is great for first-time birthers, VBAC's, or if you want a refresher on how to maintain control of your own birth in the comfort of your home, from ANYWHERE in the world. 

Childbirth education

In this 4- week, virtual comprehensive childbirth preparation course, you will be given the tools needed to feel confident, prepared and empowered to have your baby!  ​Let's maintain control and reduce fears surrounding childbirth to achieve a positive birth experience.   ​


We will use evidence-based information, mindfulness practices, position changes, hands-on coping techniques, videos and class activities to ensure you achieve the skills to have a positive birth experience and are fully prepared to enter parenthood. 

$450 per couple

Childbirth classes in denver virtual birth classes

Healthy Lifestyles - Nutrition- Physical activity - General birth overview - Stages of labor - Birth and labor positions - Relaxation exercises 

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