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Jenna has warmth, energy and an enthusiasm for learning. 
She was a pleasure to teach and I I knew right away she would make a great doula!"

Sarah Goldstein CDT(DONA)

The decision to go with Jenna as our Doula came to us naturally. From the moment we met her, we knew she would make a great Doula. Jenna is a kind, loving and fun person. I can say without a doubt, we were very lucky to have her around us then and now.


When my wife became pregnant, I knew it would be difficult but I did not realize how difficult. I thought I was prepared, but there was so much unknown. Then I heard about Jenna Leigh and she changed everything for us. She took us through step by step from prenatal comfort measures to labor tips and tricks. Pregnancy and labor is never easy, but it was such a better experience with Jenna and I cannot recommend her enough. For any husband or partner out there who feels helpless, she is the one."


Jenna has an intuitive gift of immediately understanding where people are coming from and then best way to react. She is calm and provided a priceless experience during my birth - peace of mind. I can't say enough about her compassion and optimist in the weeks leading up to my due date. I truly don't know how I would've gotten through birth without her. Thanks to Jenna, I can honestly say that my natural birth was an extraordinary experience!



There is truly no one better to have by your side throughout the prenatal, labor and postpartum process than Jenna. Not only does her presence light up the room, but the comfort measures she offers is extraordinary. I felt confident, safe, and cared for throughout the entire process.”



Giving birth was one of the most magical things I have experienced. It wasn't easy, not at all, but it was pure magic. The reason for that is Jenna. She was with me from the beginning to the end (10 hours!!). She helped calm my mind and to help stay focused. She helped me in the most difficult times. She turned the labor room into a magical space, one that I could relax in and one far beyond my dreams. 

It is a one of a kind event in your life. I highly recommend Jenna there. She made such a big difference for me. With her softness, love, and compassion, you really want her by your side. Thank you Jenna! See you in my next pregnancy :)


You made it such a special birth...the candles, the scents, the encouragement and my favorite moment was when you held my hands at the end. I loved how you got in the water and were right there with me. Truly magical. 


Jenna, these photos mean so much to me. Thank you for taking such meaningful photos. They are beautiful. I’m so grateful you were there with me and will always be thankful you helped encourage me to push Henry out when you did. Very well may have saved both our lives. 



Oh my gosh, Jenna, those photos!! Incredible. Thanks again one million times over for your support throughout. Neil and I have said so many times how crucial your presence was in Beck's birth. Thank you!!



Jenna is everything I needed in a doula. Spiritual at heart yet practical when needed. She lifted me up in ways I cannot explain. I owe everything to Jenna for being with me throughout my labor. She was truly the perfect addition to our birth team and I could not have done it without her. 


I felt so prepared for labor and postpartum because of Jenna. Her Journey to Motherhood course is informative, fun, and practical. She was able to cater to our busy schedules. Jenna gave me the confidence to advocate for myself after knowing all of my options. 10 out of 10 when preparing for labor, birth and postpartum.  


We would have had an entirely different (and probably traumatic) birthing experience if it weren’t for Jenna Leigh at Little Miss Doula! As a first-time pregnant person and now Mom, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe just how invaluable Jenna was in bringing our first born into the world.


We found Jenna after searching for a doula in the Boulder/Denver area. Jenna’s prices and packages are comparable to others in the area. We opted for “prenatal education courses” (4 zoom 1:1 courses to prepare us for anything and everything that can happen during pregnancy, L&D, and postpartum) as well as the regular doula service (1 in-person meeting before birth, a resource/support while preparing for L&D, in-person support for labor until baby arrives, and 1 postpartum visit).


Jenna’s doula service comes with an extra cherry on top - photography of your birthing experience! You do NOT want to skip out on that! Having those pictures for “just us” is magical and helped my husband and me simple be in the moment of having our baby instead of worrying about anything else.


Jenna was available, kind, and compassionate throughout the entire journey. She is flexible and supportive of whatever your birthing plan or preferences are. We delivered at a hospital (which Jenna decorated with soft lights, music, and calming scented sprays). She was our rock and our advocate during the whole process, some of which we did not expect to have to navigate. During the most intense contractions, Jenna comforted and guided both me and my husband. I know I was able to remain calm and zen during even the most intense 10-cm contractions with no meds thanks to her calming and peaceful presence.


Jenna’s support was critical to my success and comfort as a birthing person before, during, and after actually birthing my baby. I know I can continue to use her as a resource too even though our formal meetings are done. We love Jenna and will definitely be utilizing her services again for our second pregnancy! I can’t imagine birthing without her and would recommend her a thousand times over.

Devin & Robbie


Jenna is the best!!! I have now recommended her to two of my friends, and we all absolutely loved having her as our doula. She is passionate, calming, attentive, and such a delight to have in the room! I could never imagine not having her with me for my next birth. Highly recommend this outstanding woman!


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