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Virtual Birth Coach


Feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, and anxious? My virtual birth coaching offers  doula support in your back pocket from whenever & wherever.  

"Having Jenna as my virtual birth coach made me feel at ease and supported throughout my entire pregnancy journey. I would walk out of my doctors appointments and call her right away, talking out any concerns or questions I had. I can't tell you how good it felt to have someone I could always call vs. googling and worrying. It is a MUST."

One on-one, personalized sessions with a certified birth doula from anywhere in the world. My goal is to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience, through prenatal support and education.

Hourly: $125

5- session package: $550

Do you want the perks of having a doula, but don't want to commit to having someone in-person? As your virtual birth coach, I will minimize the overwhelming feeling that pregnancy, birth and postpartum brings. Virtual support relies heavily on preparation throughout pregnancy! My goal is to help you know your options, so that you can confidently make decisions that best support your family!

Through curated sessions, you will feel confident and prepared for your adventure ahead. Together, we will discuss all of your questions, address fears or concerns surrounding labor and postpartum, and create a vision for your parenting journey. 


Virtual birth coaching includes help in developing birth preferences, understanding the birth process, navigating the transition into parenthood and choosing care that best meets your family's needs.


I'm here for you. Let me help you navigate the influx of information to achieve a positive and empowering experience.​

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